Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Leadership Academy?? What's that?

Whenever someone comes across the Leadership Academy for the first time, their question is the same: "What's that?" (With a puzzled look.)

The Montgomery County Leadership Academy has been around since the late '90's.  The first class was held in 2000.  Legend has it that the Lilly Foundation helped many counties throughout Indiana start community leadership programs with grant monies.  A group of movers and shakers from Montgomery County got together and created the MCLA, a stand-alone 501(c)3. 

The mission has always been to grow future leaders for the benefit of our community.

Long story short, we have grown and changed over the years in an effort to remain relevant but our core mission remains the same.  Grow leaders.

Class of 2018
How do we do that?  Our 'Signature Program' is what we were built on twenty years ago.  A program that is focused on leadership skills development and community immersion.  Each fall, 18 adults are accepted into a 12-week program that starts with a mandatory 24-hour retreat followed by twelve consecutive weeks (each Thursday afternoon from 1 - 4:30 PM) of sessions. 

A highlight of the program is the completion of the DISC assessment of human behavior.  Participants learn about this powerful communication tool early on and are able to utilize it both personally and professionally.

A variety of skills and topics are covered, everything from public speaking to conflict resolution, business etiquette to diversity and inclusion.  We cover arts, culture and recreation within our community, local government and human services.  We visit many different locations throughout the county as well.  Each session, we offer several 'Extra Curricular' activities to enrich the attendee's experience.

The program culminates with a formal graduation ceremony and an internship program, which provides graduates an opportunity to get hands-on experience with a non-profit board of their choice.  Our program alum are encouraged to stay engaged in the community and with each other through monthly networking events.

We have extended our program to reach the youth in our community as well by offering programs that an intended to help participants be 'job-ready' upon leaving secondary school.  Our Ascent High School Leadership Program, now in its third year, just graduated nine seniors. 

Another youth program, Camp MoCo Robo was created to expose junior high students to STEM and robotics in the world of manufacturing. 

Do you have more questions?  Feel free to contact us at 765-307-3300 or drop an email to  We would love to tell you more!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Servant Leadership

The quiet strength from the back of the group that comforts and encourages others to press forward toward a common goal...that's servant leadership.

The servant leaders seeks first to serve.  They lead almost as if by accident.

There are many 'unsung' heroes that exemplify this servant-leader quality.  Certainly you can name a few: Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Christ, a friend or co-worker, a parent, a volunteer.  

Our most recent Leadership Academy participants took a very eye-opening quiz during one of their classes.  You can try it, too.

1. Name the five richest people in the world.
2. Name the last five Super Bowl champions.
3. Name the last five World Series champions.
4. Name five U.S. Senators.

How'd you do?

Now, let's try this again:

1. Name a teacher who has had a lasting impact on you.
2. Name a friend who has helped you out during a difficult time.
3. Name a mentor who has shaped your life.
4. Name someone who makes you want to be a better you.

Was that easier?
What's the lesson here?

The people who make the biggest difference in the lives of others are not the people with the most money, credentials, titles, or awards.  They are the people that care.