Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Servant Leadership

The quiet strength from the back of the group that comforts and encourages others to press forward toward a common goal...that's servant leadership.

The servant leaders seeks first to serve.  They lead almost as if by accident.

There are many 'unsung' heroes that exemplify this servant-leader quality.  Certainly you can name a few: Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Christ, a friend or co-worker, a parent, a volunteer.  

Our most recent Leadership Academy participants took a very eye-opening quiz during one of their classes.  You can try it, too.

1. Name the five richest people in the world.
2. Name the last five Super Bowl champions.
3. Name the last five World Series champions.
4. Name five U.S. Senators.

How'd you do?

Now, let's try this again:

1. Name a teacher who has had a lasting impact on you.
2. Name a friend who has helped you out during a difficult time.
3. Name a mentor who has shaped your life.
4. Name someone who makes you want to be a better you.

Was that easier?
What's the lesson here?

The people who make the biggest difference in the lives of others are not the people with the most money, credentials, titles, or awards.  They are the people that care.